Our Products

We(GS Industrial Products) Deals in Hydraulic Elements(make-Yuken,Polyhydron,Vickers,Bosch & Bosch Rexroth),Hydraulic Filters(make-Hydrauline),Hydraulic fittings, Hydraulic cylinders & Seal kits etc....

Hose Pipe

Hose pipe is the heart of industrial hydraulic Rubber hose, teflon hose are based of industrial production,G.S INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS is stokist of hose pipe

Dowty Pumps

Dowty gear pump is as hydraulic gear pump and more uses these types of pumps in industry. G.S INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS is stokist of dowty gear pump.

Hydrulic Elements (Make – Yuken)

Hydraulic valves is used in machinery and these valve is used for advance machinery. G.S INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS is stokist of hydraulic valve (make- yuken, vickerd, rexroth, polyhydron).